Enpass as alternative Lastpass stopped to work

enpass freezeJust moved from Lastpass into Enpass – imported passwords and it worked.

After first restart received login screen, provided master password and … trouble!


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Windows 8 how to disable autostartup programs

Startup items are programs, shortcuts, folders, drivers, etc. ..  that are set to run automatically at startup, when a user logs on to the system, Windows 8 startup items can be added either through programs or drivers installed, or manually by the user. Will be shown   how to manage the  running  of products to add, remove, enable and disable them in the  system, Windows 8

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Remote desktop – how to switch back to full screen

We are opening Remote Desktop connection, set it up to full screen mode and it displays properly.

During work we can use Restore Down button to have better access to our machine.

And then… hm, how to go back to full screen of Remote Desktop?

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VirtualBox and 64bit systems

I was trying to install trial 2008 server (64 bit) on VirtualBox solution for virtualization.
I’ve enabled in BIOS VT-x and … was sure that it will start. But some problem occured. Installer of Windows 2008 has returned error:
and wrote something about hardware or configuration modyfication. More »

Command dig not found in linux debian

Wanna make some test via dns services but in linux debian dig command is not found:
bash: dig: command not found

You have to install package dnsutils
apt-get install dnsutils

NAT Service in Windows XP

The following requires win2k/xp *PRO* – The remote registry service is not available in the others. You can also use RRAS, or Routing and Remote Access to do what you want. It is a nt/2k/xp service that has a lot of networking functionality. Unfortunately in 2k pro and xp there is no gui to configure it easily. So we’ll need to use netsh (how exciting). Just remember the remote registry service must be started before you attempt to configure it. Also, don’t stop the remote registry service once RRAS is running. You must first stop RRAS, then stop the remote registry service. So now to the netsh stuff. Here’s the command you’d use to setup a simple nat:

netsh routing ip nat install
netsh routing ip nat add interface „My Dsl modem” full
netsh routing ip nat add interface „Local Area Connection” private
netsh routing ip dnsproxy install

You can skip the last one if you don’t want to run a dns proxy server. In that case, the machines behind your nat will need to use your ISP’s dns server address rather than the nat’s address. To uninstall the NAT is very simple, just one netsh command:

netsh routing ip nat uninstall


When we work with proxy we can receive TCP_DENIED/403 – but why? We can enable debug in squid.conf for checking which acl block our tcp sesion:

debug_options ALL,1 33,2

and watch your cache.log to see which acl blocks you.

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