Enpass as alternative Lastpass stopped to work

enpass freezeJust moved from Lastpass into Enpass – imported passwords and it worked.

After first restart received login screen, provided master password and … trouble!


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Windows 8 how to disable autostartup programs

Startup items are programs, shortcuts, folders, drivers, etc. ..  that are set to run automatically at startup, when a user logs on to the system, Windows 8 startup items can be added either through programs or drivers installed, or manually by the user. Will be shown   how to manage the  running  of products to add, remove, enable and disable them in the  system, Windows 8

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Remote desktop – how to switch back to full screen

We are opening Remote Desktop connection, set it up to full screen mode and it displays properly.

During work we can use Restore Down button to have better access to our machine.

And then… hm, how to go back to full screen of Remote Desktop?

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